didn’t do anything yesterday. nothing at all. i was a complete couch potato. all day. my excuse was…the adreneline. after such a rush of the stuff before and during the gig, it’s hard to “come down”.

anyway,the day after a gig i always feel odd. i worry that i didn’t do my best. or that people were just being polite when they said they enjoyed it. oh, the fragile soul of a diva.

it wasn’t the easiest gig we’ve ever done. we had some initial techie problems which you just have to deal with even though it’s scary sometimes.

the response was great. it was a pleasure to see new faces as well as our favorite friends. i will be brave enough to watch the video in a few days (vishy has seen it and assures me we were fine)

i took a picture of michalis before the gig which i am very proud of. it’s up at bad mathematics already.

i hope we can now pick up the momentum and get some more gigs organised. feel the flow again. thank you for all your messages of support. it means a lot.

by the way, if you have any spare cash, the bad mathematics fuel fund© is still empty! my fingers are f****** freezing.


About bad mathematics

bad mathematics are an unsigned, unappreciated, unpaid, unrepentant band from athens, greece. we are always being asked what kind of music we play and we finally settled on a new genre called psychoblues™. it came from the title of one of our songs and it suits us just fine.

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