now that we have a proper grown-up music blog, i can start writing about proper grown-up things, like celebrities and pop idols and the rest of it. the only problem is that although britney and some of the other divas appear in one of our songs (psychoblues™), i really don’t have much to say about them. the latest breakdown of spears and the subsequent media frenzy surrounding it, is sad (at best). the poor girl is obviously ill and in need of help. the last thing she needs is the continuation of the circus that follows her every step. it’s like looking at the aftermath of a car crash, isn’t it ? part of us almost can’t help it. i don’t really understand it but i am as guilty as anyone else.

the cult of the celebrity is massive at the moment. we have people who are famous just for being famous. what’s that about? it’s all terribly, terribly sad. we live in a world where most europeans and americans can recognise paris hilton and anna nicole smith at a glance but can’t tell you where iran is…

and just to be fair, here’s some brits showing their incredible world knowledge

and take a look at this video.

my conclusion is that we have to stop feeding people this diet of celebrity stupidness and toe-curling gossip and give them some education. leave britney to recover people and go and read a book. you know, those thick papery things that have words in them and usually live on a shelf.

About bad mathematics

bad mathematics are an unsigned, unappreciated, unpaid, unrepentant band from athens, greece. we are always being asked what kind of music we play and we finally settled on a new genre called psychoblues™. it came from the title of one of our songs and it suits us just fine.

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