it’s been the most overwhelming, emotional and brilliant rollercoaster few days, with family members turning up from australia and germany and  old friends from england coming to stay. the natural high is so high and the low is inexplicable and surprising. i know it’s a lot to do with adrenaline, late nights and way too much booze but i’m so happy to be able to experience this. i think most people live their whole lives without having the good fortune or opportunity to feel what i’m feeling now.

thank you, my friends

and without meaning to be mushy, i feel blessed to have you around…..



About bad mathematics

bad mathematics are an unsigned, unappreciated, unpaid, unrepentant band from athens, greece. we are always being asked what kind of music we play and we finally settled on a new genre called psychoblues™. it came from the title of one of our songs and it suits us just fine.

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