our blog, everything falls apart, has moved to our own domain! i will no longer be writing my nonsense here so please click here and don’t forget to bookmark us. so why have we moved? well, all free sites have limitations and that’s not good for us creative bods. we have had our own domain forever (only a slight exaggeration) and the only reason we hadn’t attached our blog to it was because we didn’t know how. i finally cracked a few days ago and cried out “how hard can it be, for crying out loud?”

well… it turns out that on our server, it’s pretty bloody hard. i’ve spent the last, i don’t know how many hours, delving into databases and code installing the “miraculous 5 minute installation” from wordpress. believe me people, it is not miraculous and it takes a damn sight longer than 5 minutes. many hosting services have one-click installation. ours is not one of them. i had several lengthy live chats with a very helpful guy in russia (yes, all their help desk staff are actually in russia!) only to discover that the databaseinformation that they give you are actually wrong. this means that you find yourself just one step from finishing and you get an error message. the message basically translates as “you have just wasted another hour of your life and there’s sod all you can do about it. want to waste another hour?”

anyway, i got it done in the end and my happy dance was definitely something to be seen. our slightly senile surreal web designer made the beautiful template makes our blog look like ours at long last. expect lots more gadgets and interactive baubles in the future.

don’t forget to bookmark us since this will probably be the last post from here.

see you on the other side…



About bad mathematics

bad mathematics are an unsigned, unappreciated, unpaid, unrepentant band from athens, greece. we are always being asked what kind of music we play and we finally settled on a new genre called psychoblues™. it came from the title of one of our songs and it suits us just fine.

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  1. tamzinaki says:

    as long as there’s still going to be nonsense, i’m happy … 🙂

    ps: did anyone video the happy dance …?

  2. Hüsker Dü says:

    Yo, Hüsker Dü’s “Everything Falls Apart” was one of a brilliant record but also the Band from Germoney with that name was great. Unbelieveable that the blog SOMETHING I LEARNED TODAY -name also after HÜSKER DÜ- was stolen by some rock idiot who has no idea where things come from…

  3. Hüsker Dü says:

    But, hey, people also go to facebook allthough everybody knows that it’s stolen from myspace. Myspace sux too but is better for radicals.

  4. the diva says:

    there will certainly be more nonsense
    @Hüsker Dü
    i had no idea of the titles of Hüsker Dü’s albums even though i do know of them.
    everything is pretty much derivative of something that went before. unfortunately for Hüsker Dü, you cannot copyright a common phrase or word. even the name of our band “bad mathematics” is not strictly copyrightable because it exists as a special branch of mathematics. there are very few truly original ideas, names etc. we do use myspace but it really does suck. again, unfortunately, the big corporations will win in the end because most people want quick, cheap and easy tools to use in their online lives. anyway, thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. i hope you will come and join us over at our new blog: http://blog.badmathematics.com

  5. Lesbos says:

    “Everything Falls Apart” was one of a brilliant record but also the Band from Germoney with that name was great.

  6. Lesvos says:

    we do use myspace but it really does suck. again, unfortunately, the big corporations will win in the end because most people want quick, cheap and easy tools to use in their online lives. anyway, thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment.

  7. Mytilini says:

    you cannot copyright a common phrase or word.

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